Saturday, November 20, 2010

Teasers for upcoming posts

Okay, I know that I haven't posted any new articles in a couple of weeks. Rest easy in the knowledge that I have continued my selfless efforts to benefit you, by continuing to carry out painstaking research on new, weird, and wonderful culinary experiences.

Like the eponymous Mr Creosote, I have eaten and drunk so much that I feel in dire need of the bucket (although I feel that the Roman tradition of retiring to the Vomitorium was a lot more civilised, since it didn't subject your guests to the wafting aroma of your gastric reflux action). In any event, i'm certainly avoiding wafer thin mints (and the salmon mousse for good measure).

Things to come include:

South Australian wild boar pate
Russian ikra (salmon caviar)
Molecular Gastronomy at Clarkes of North Beach
Amazingly plump and moist fried kuay teow at Tak Kee, at Dog Swamp
A 1997 Fox Creek Merlot - yes it is drinking beautifully, and still has strong fine tannins on the palate at the end.
A beautifully cidery yet tightly mineral 2001 St Helga Riesling.
Barrecas Cabernet Merlot, a monster sleeper!!!
And my spoils from the Margaret River Venison Farm - check out this medium rare Bambi steak, perfectly cooked by yours truly!

So please bear with me, and you will get these posts soon! In the meantime, please feel free to browse my much older posts ... One of my favorites is The Scream in the context of the eating of baby garden snails in Cordoba; and the other is of rubbish disposal etiquette at a Madrid cantina.

So ultimately, the message is: stay focused. Keep reading this blog ....

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