Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gentlemen's Poker Club: Season 20 Week 9 Round-up

[The following is reproduced from Action Man's post-game update - typos and all ...]


Sensational week last week ... of note was Jackal to Papas:  Board was A,7,6  papas raises aggressively and Jackal lays down KJ ... “i had KJ of hearts, what the F%$# did you have?”

Papas: Pair of 4’s ....

Franco de Banco vs Nando’s Nick ... Nick has 7,7 and Banco has 9,9 .... Board goes A,9,7 .... Bye bye Nick!!

The pocket pairs continued when Dave Russel used all his birthday luck when his 10,10 v A,A hits a straight to keep him alive.  Melvo had A,A against luckbox Coach (Q,Q) who also hits straight.

Speaking of luckboxes, Jackal calls Actions all-in with J,J with his powerhouse Q,10 ... (which OFCOURSE hits a Q straight away to send Dale off to the town of sulkville, population <Dale>)

Of special mention is Coach who have gone from Zero to Hero with three top two finishes in the last three weeks to now lead the ladder.

Action Man

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