Friday, November 26, 2010

St Ali, Yarra Place, South Melbourne: expanded food menu

Everytime I visit Melbourne, I try to make an extra special effort to visit my favourite coffee place, St Ali in South Melbourne; not only to savour the coffee and (if time allows) the delicious dishes, but also to stock up on more freshly roasted single estate coffee from around the world.

Right - down to business.  The coffee of the day was a Costa Rican Herbazu (the name of the family farm where it is grown).  According to the board - "sweet, bright and creamy ... juicy with mild apple tartness".  Quite right!  I grabbed a bag of it on the way out, as well as a bag of the Nicaraguan La Bendicion, No. 13 recipient of the Cup of Excellence award.  Both recently roasted a week earlier.

I also noticed that they've seriously expanded their food menu, to include what appeared to be some fairly substantial dishes.

It being breakfast and all, I opted for something less heavy, and scoffed down a light and delicious breakfast of truffled poached eggs (you can see the truffle oil drizzled around the plate as well) on top of serrano ham and asparagus.  A great start to the day indeed.

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