Thursday, September 16, 2010

Miss Silvia makes the best cup of coffee yet!

This morning, I had the most amazing gift yet from my beloved Miss Silvia.  10/25 grind, heaped above the lip, very firmly tamped in.  Liquer starts flowing after 5 seconds, turn the water off at 30 seconds.

The quantity of coffee in the cup was somewhere between a ristretto and espresso, and it was the amazing multi-layered flavours that astounded me.

The first sip was a more robust coffee-like flavour.  But each subsequent little sip brought a new flavour, like climbing a spiral staircase up a tower with no walls - the view keeps changing everytime you look.  Next dark chocolate. Then caramel.  Then burnt caramel. Then a slight twist of lemon.  Then a mouthful of citrus.


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