Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gentlemen's Poker Club: Week 3 Round-up (the Pirate issue)

[The following is reproduced from Action Man's post-game update]

Arrgahhhh !!

(in honour of “talk like a pirate” week)

19 Starters, and all the big guns are back in town.  Table One was littered with former champions... Supercoach, Garth, Sparky to name but a few.

Early action on table two saw a “BOOM” from old crowd favourite Dash (back from 3 months of date night), who once again showed playing bananas and hitting is sooo much more fun that real poker.

The big names slowly pealed themselves off and joined the cash table as a mixture of seasoned old vets (Charles) and upstarts that have trouble adding up (Winky) made up the final five.  Melvo the Frenchman moved all-in with AJ (top pair with a nut-flush draw) against Winky who’s bananaery A7 hit two pair, and was knocked out as bubble boy and the victim of a horrendous joke from the management (sorry French! I’ll make it up to you with a table of hot chicks on Saturday).

The Man of Sparks ran out of sparks to finish fourth and pick up one point, Dash moved all-in (like most of your recent Wednesday’s night eh?) with a courageous 10-2 to run into Charles 6-6.

The heads up saw Charles outwit and outplay Winky, which must be a bit like being armed with a bazooka and attacking a pikelet... in a bucket ... with no water ... which died three weeks ago... which according to all the other pikelets in the playground was never much of a fighter anyway..

Table will be sent when Elle gets around to doing it. 

Action Man

Note from the Frenchman: Yes I know this post has got nothing to do with food, but it makes for entertaining reading, and proves that Frenchman is indeed my poker handle!   And I was indeed robbed of a tournament point as a result of a cruel and misleading practical joke by Action Man.  I'm over it, but am still enjoying the mileage I get from guilt-tripping him.

Post Note 27 Sep 2010: Karma has truly intervened - while the Pies and Saints were beffudled by an almost unprecedented AFL Grand Final draw, The Frenchman has utterly crushed Action Man at the inaugural Devlins Grand Final Poker Tournament.  The last two players out of a field of 17 canny cardsharks and consummate actors, Action Man went into our heads-up war of wills with a bigger chipstack. I decided to call his raises while holding bananas (a technical poker term for crap cards), and without fail hit top pair each time on the flop.  Obviously, his Ace or picture cards were useless in a raggedy flop.  This slugfest of attrition poker finall wore him down to his last stand, when he deals me 8-8, and goes all in on 10-6.  Needless to say, he didn't pair up with anything on the board, and the rest is history ...

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