Monday, September 6, 2010

The Beaufort Street Steakhouse (corner Brisbane St), Perth

5 September 2010

I enjoyed a Father's Day dinner at the Beaufort Street Steakhouse earlier tonight.

Friendly and amiable service. The staff were young backpackers but had a fantastic, positive attitude, and I never had a problem getting staff attention - not even the bill!!

The steak was good - I had the 220gm tenderloin from Cape Grim, Tasmania, where only the top 4 MSA grades (out of 18) are ever allowed, and purebred European cattle enjoy the purest air in Australia. I ordered mine cooked medium rare of course, and it came cooked just right.  I am pleased to observe that many restaurants nowadays don't stuff this up (years ago, most restaurants would either overcook or undercook, but never give you the Goldilocks treatment - just right).

Sadly, the chips looked promising but were soggy with oil.  Not that I don't like oil, but I expect a good chip to be crispy.  Then again, there are probably oily-soggy-chip aficionados out there who would be outraged by my views.

The bearnaise was good - nice and light as it should be.  There were even special condiments available - $1.50 each or $4 for a selection of 4; all "homemade" on premise.  The caraway sauce was a standout - piquant and flavoursome.

And the price?  $50 a head.  A fantastic bargain, considering that most of us had dessert as well.  I have to admit though that I was the only one who had a glass of red, but it was tasty.

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