Saturday, September 4, 2010

The day has come!!

I awake bright and early (well, by my standards anyway), like a kid on Christmas morning.  Despite feeling a bit seedy from the day and night of victuals yesterday.

Today is the day ... The Peel Estate Great Shiraz Tasting!

Today, I join my fellow Araluen Botanic Park Foundation Councillor Ian and his friends and family, and embark on the annual pilgrimage to Peel Estate Winery.

Today, we blind-taste the 2004 vintage of 20 of the greatest wines from Australia and around the world.  I would expect Hill of Grace, Grange and RWT to be in the list.  But what other delights might be awaiting me?

I have a hearty breakfast of my own design - minced Linley Valley free range pork cooked simply in a pot on the stove with sauteed garlic (to boost the immune system against the ravages I am subjecting my body to this weekend), diced habaneros (to kick start my metabolism), chia seeds (for an antioxidant boost), diced tomatoes (for more antioxidant and vitamin goodness), aged balsamic (for flavour) and dollops of truffle butter and generous shavings of parmigiana reggiano (being a necessary part of my high-fat breakfast diet - tests in lab rats at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have shown that eating fat for breakfast primes the body to more effectively metabolise both fats and carbohydrates during the day - hey I am born in the Year of the Rat after all!  Think I'm making this up to justify my penchant for fatty foods? Well here's the proof:

I will report on my experiences when I get home tonight.

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