Saturday, July 5, 2014

Slowtown Coffee Roasters: Namibian Artisan Coffee Roasters

It's been a while since I reviewed the quality of coffee in Namibia; but I am glad to see that the Third Wave of Coffee has arrived on the shores of this great country.

On my recent visit to Namibia, I popped into The Joy of Food in Windhoek, which offers cheerful service and a great menu that is perfect for breakfast and brunch (located in the garden area right next to Fresh n Wild).  While there, I discovered a new Namibian delight, as the coffee they served was from Slowtown Coffee Roasters, based in the coastal town of Swakopmund.  What got me was the fact that their bags of freshly roasted coffee beans (which were on sale at The Joy of Food) had the roasting date written on instead of a "use-by" date (which many coffee aficionados know is useless for telling you how fresh, and therefore how good, the coffee will taste).

These guys source their own single origin green coffee beans from coffee farms all around the world, and roast them in small batches.

I tried an espresso made from organic Honduran coffee beans, just roasted slightly over a week earlier, and was delighted to feel the rich, thick crema on my tongue and taste the complex flavours of a great coffee: spicy and nutty with honey tones, and a crisp lemon finish (as promised on the label).  It was so good I bought myself a bag of beans to bring home with me, which has sadly finished as I write this.

Yet another reason to go to Namibia!

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