Sunday, July 20, 2014

The best laksa in Australia? At Chef Lagenda, Flemington, Victoria

Having had to spend a Sunday in Melbourne after my Saturday board meeting so that I could make a meeting on Monday, I took the opportunity to catch up with old friend Euj who now lives there with his wife and their two furry children.

Euj took me to this out of the way little lane way next to the Newmarket train station in Flemington for brunch.

Well worth the trek (good thing he was driving) - Chef Lagenda on Pin Oak Crescent in Flemington looks like a normal "dodgy" hole-in-the-wall Asian restaurant from the outside, but its two-storey tardis like interior is filled with tables that got filled up extremely quickly while we were sitting inside.

Being a laksa aficionado, I couldn't go past the laksa, which Euj had talked up quite a bit (just to set the scene).

Legend has it that their laksa stock has been brewing in the same pot for years, and I can certainly believe that.

A huge steaming bowl arrived filled with a rich broth brimming with a complex flavour of spices and chilli, with generous servings of meat and prawns (normally, you can count the number of prawns in an average bowl of laksa on one hand and still have spare fingers, but I kept fishing out prawns - was there no end?), complete with a roasted/fried slice of eggplant which added an additional smoky depth of flavour and texture.

I dare say that this might be the best laksa in all of Australia.  I'm fully aware that this is a big call, but I'll say it anyway.  Make the pilgrimage and decide for yourself.

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