Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday arvo at the South Melbourne markets - fresh oysters, great coffee and artisanal biscotti

So what does one do when trying to recover from a dinner which involved drinking around 8 different types of sake, all in copious quantities?

A chilled out Friday at the South Melbourne markets, of course.

First order of business, I visit Pickadeli, which I always do when I come down to the markets, and buy a bag of Phillipa's cranberry and orange biscotti. It's not cheap at $12.95, but is great quality and made from all natural ingredients. I also discover a new product line that they've started carrying - Lebanese delights from Abla's Patisserie! I can't help but get a box of Tamara.

Next, I stroll a few metres to the South Melbourne Seafood counter, and grab half a dozen freshly shucker oysters, for the low price of $5.50! There are even the essential condiments of fresh lemon wedges and Tabasco sauce at the counter. Delicious. The zinc should help with brain cell recovery I hope.

To cap it all off, I wander across the aisles to Padre, and enjoy a well made espresso of single origin Ethiopian Sidamo. Tasty. Good strength, but with underlying citrus and cocoa flavours.

All is well with the world again.

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