Friday, February 25, 2011

Two giants of the culinary world meet - Wakuda Tetsuya and Eric Frechon

I'm quite excited about the upcoming La Chaine Des Rotisseurs charity dinner this coming Sunday at Bennelong in the Sydney Opera House.  Black tie, chaine regalia and all that stuff, but it's capped at an "intimate" 60 diners, including the Governor of New South Wales.

Eric Frechon, 3 Michelin starred chef from the restaurant of the iconic Hôtel Le Bristol Paris is heading to Sydney with his cooking team to make something really special.   Now, at $1,000 a head, it's not cheap, but it's certainly cheaper than flying to Paris on the off-chance you might be lucky enough to score a booking at Le Bristol.  Then of course, there's the money can't buy factor of knowing that Eric himself is in the kitchen overseeing the cooking, and that you'll get to hang with this recipient of the Legion D'honneur (the highest French civilian award) who cooks for French President Nicholas Sarkozy's state dinners.  Okay ... maybe just shake hands ...

However, what's even more exciting is tonight's dinner at Tetsuya's - an intimate group of 8 in the private dining room, where Tetsuya Wakuda himself is excited to be cooking for Frechon, and will join the dinner guests for the meal as well.  To have two culinary giants sitting at the same table - I wonder what they'd talk about?  Probably crap on about random stuff like normal people, I'm sure. I'm not privileged enough to get a seat at this table (given that I'm still in Perth), but my mate Wayne and his wife Amanda are.  I hope it blew your mind fellas, and see you tomorrow night at the Ivy (always good to know that there's a VIP table waiting).

Post-note: sadly, Tetsuya was stuck in Singapore looking after his new restaurant at the Marina Sands. However, I am told that the food was exquisite, and Eric was particularly taken by the salmon sashimi - not just the freshness, but also the fact that it was the perfect temperature which allowed the flavour of the fish to properly express itself - not too cold or to warm. I must confess that while I've known that in relation to whiskies, I've never thought to apply it to food as well, but it makes sense!

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