Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More new posts to read!

Having recently returned from Namibia, it's taken a bit of time to write about my culinary and cultural experiences there and to upload the relevant pictures.

Well, it's all done!  If you've already read some of my Namibian posts, it's worth reading them again.  Pictures have now been added, new posts included, and existing posts have been updated and expanded.  Highlights include The Russian Connection, an insanely huge Kudu knuckle (the local version of Eisbein) and the usual ill-informed social commentary.

For those in the know, there's even a Dylanesque photo found somewhere in these posts (sorry - in joke).

More to come in the next week: look out for:

  1. My review of Steve Scaffidi's new restaurant Sentinel (close to perfect I say!)
  2. A gratuitous holiday post of many wild animals (due to popular demand)
  3. A new lunch-club which my mate Glenn and I have formed, with the motto "Pessime Edoctus Melior Quam Non Edoctus": it is better to be ill-informed than uninformed (if you're taking this seriously, this club is not for you). 
  4. A couple of new reviews of cheap and good Asian places.

Happy reading!

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