Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good coffee no more - my hopes dashed

I went back to Dulce yesterday (in the Maerua Mall, Windhoek), truly looking forward to another good espresso.

Alas.  It was not to be.  I ordered the espresso, and out it came.  But it looked nothing like what I was expecting.  In fact, it looked like everything I would have expected from your average African cafe/restaurant serving coffee (mind you, not that the coffee in many Asian or even European countries is any better).  A sad, over extracted, watery, thin, muddy drink - they should have switched off the water flow at least 5 seconds earlier and perhaps it would have been good.

That's the other problem you seem to get in many African restaurants or cafes - consistency is lacking.

I couldn't even bring myself to take a photo. *sigh*

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