Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gentlemen's Poker Club: Week 5 Round-up

[The following is reproduced from Action Man's post-game update]
End of week five, and the leader board has been shaken up !!

Still miles out front is Charles on 9 points, but some hot and heavy action from Bruno saw him muscle his way to a victory and a deserved 5 points. His K,10 smashed out Rents A,9… and then on final table his K,J smashed out Actions A,10.  In fact Bruno you were coming from behind more often than that time I saw you at Connections in those leather pants of yours …

Melvo the magnificent stormed back into contention with 4 points to leap frog from the bottom of the leader board to 9th spot (just behind me Melvo …..) SD took three points and Geeza chipped in for a useful 2 to take him to 4th on the ladder.  Some new dude called John took the last point.

Will the Cottesloe crew return?  Will the Murphy brothers find some form?  Will the old hands…  Diesel, Supercoach start to fire?  Can you really believe that its not butter?  All these questions will be answered on Wednesday night !!

Action Man

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