Monday, May 25, 2015

Stimulatte & Tommy Sugo, Hay Street (corner Axon Street), Subiaco

Despite the proliferation of chic and high quality small eateries popping up around Perth (and some would say some of the best baristas in the world), I have long lamented the lack of truly great breakfast places which are located near the places I frequent, and which don’t cut off their breakfast menu at an ungodly hour.

Enter Stimulatte, an unassuming little joint on Hay Street in Subiaco (near the corner of Axon Street).  Not only do they serve breakfast until 11.30am, they offer excellent barista coffee all day, courtesy of the Stimulatte barista crew.

Why am I raving about this place?  Apart from the fact that you can enjoy a hot breakfast without being a morning person, the quality of the fare is really good.  By that, I mean not just the standard offering of bacon and eggs or eggs benedict (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those).

From the innovative The Italian featuring pesto-smeared slices of thick bread, slices of prosciutto and perfectly poached eggs to the Green Eggs and Salmon with pesto-scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, you can now enjoy a hearty and fancy breakfast fix without the indignity of waking up too early!
In fact, the coffee and food are so good you won't even realise that there's a funeral parlour next door ...

While all this is in itself makes for a great little establishment, there is a bonus!

At 5pm, the place transforms into Tommy Sugo as a “pop-up” operation. If you’re looking for something quick and simple for dinner (or indeed something to takeaway) but don’t feel like the traditional takeaway fare of pizza or fish and chips, Tommy Sugo offers an alternative.  The menu appears simple but there are a myriad combinations to be had:
  • first, you choose the pasta out of a list of 13, including the usual suspects like linguine, penne and spaghetti, to the more elaborate chicken or beef tortellini and even an exotic biodynamic lamb spelt ravioli;
  • then you choose a sauce with clever names, from the eponymous (and delicious and surprisingly meaty) Tommy’s Sugo, to Miss Piggy’s Carbonara, the Hulk Pesto and even the Italian Stallion featuring Italian sausage (go figure).

 Each dish comes in regular and large sizes, but I’ve found that the regular size is more than enough to leave you with a full belly, especially if you also scoff a few of their delicately delicious arancini balls.

The chilli that they provide in a little plastic cup for an extra 50 cents has a lovely fiery burn and adds an extra dimension of flavour to your pasta.

You can either dine in, in which case your food is served in rustic tin plates and it's nice to sit at the rustic wooden tables on the sidewalk outside and enjoy the quiet Subiaco evening, or order takeaway, in which case you only need to wait a few minutes before your food is ready to go!

The pasta is nicely cooked and the sauces are delicious.  I’ll certainly be heading down there again when I’m next in Subiaco and feel like a quick and tasty dinner which costs less than $15 (although some of the more exotic or elaborate pasta and sauce combinations will take you above $15).

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  1. this place looks like just the spot to spend a beautiful sunday at i will look for some place similar because i really need the break