Wednesday, June 11, 2014

West End Deli, 95 Carr Street, West Perth

I caught up with old friend and veteran online wine auctioneer Lynton Barber of Sterling Wine Auctions the other day for our annual(ish) lunch over some weird and wonderful wines.

Joining us was my good friend the Western Australian Regional Bailli of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Wayne Teo and Lynton's IT guru.

I'd heard of this new little restaurant in a quiet street in (northern) West Perth going by the seemingly innocuous name of West End Deli, so we booked a table there.

The brunch menu was short and sweet, but packed full of amazing delights.  Being unable to decide on what to get, we decided to order a bunch of main dishes to share.  Everything from spiced lamb ribs, pillow-soft gnocchi, and even the simple-sounding cauliflower was unbelievably delicious and hearty.

I have to admit that I was having so much fun trying the huge amount of wines and feeding my face that I didn't take many notes.

The dessert we shared was topped with pop rocks candy which provided a beautifully contrasting experience of textures - the smooth creamy thingamajig (sorry I forgot what it was) punctuated by the snap crackle pop of the pop rocks in your mouth.

A truly fantastic electic lunch accompanied by just as enjoyable eclectic conversation, ranging from wines, food, global politics, business and even IT.

The West End Deli also transforms into a fine dining establishment for dinner.  I must certainly head back there to see what that's like!

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