Thursday, August 16, 2012

Farewell my Special Geisha

The last cup.  With Madame de
Pompadour in the background
All good things have to come to an end, and Esmeralda's involvement in my life was no different.  It was too good to last, and from the very beginning, I knew this day would come.  But before she left, she gave me one last sip of her sweet nectar.

It was bittersweet.

The coffee, that is.

Still beautiful - still looking a stunning dark chocolatey colour with bubbles of freshness and swirls of flavoursome oils; with a fragrance that was a subtle aroma of sweet cocoa with something more that was ephemerally unidentifiable; a rich, smooth, thick texture; and fresh flavours displaying the bright and cheerful, bubbly citrusy notes I've come to know and love, underlaid with soft caramel, but with a very subtle coffee bitterness starting to show through.  Maybe Miss Silvia over-extracted.  Maybe it was my conflicted emotions affecting my perspective of the flavours.

But a great cup of coffee nonetheless.

Farewell Esmeralda.  Until the next roasting ...

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